LILY & ROSE is a success story that began in 2012 of two young women Liana and Roys who shared a dream, that inspired other young entrepreneurs to start their own vision.

Roys, born in Istanbul, studied graphic design at Pratt Institute in New York. After graduation, while working at a graphic design company she met Liana born also in Istanbul. Liana was still studying at Koç University when they met; but very quickly they realized that they had a common business vision and decided to join forces and build their company together. They decided to name their brand from their own nick names, and this is how the brand LILY & ROSE was born. 

Today, LILY & ROSE employs 20 people and has its own production assembly. LILY & ROSE is not only a company who has a reputation for high quality and fashion style it is also a company who takes pride in creating employment opportunities for the ‘stay-at-home’ women, who cannot accommodate regular working hours to their time-table.

 LILY & ROSE provides contemporary designs that stands out. As the brand is rapidly increasing its presence worldwide with the inspiration behind each collection is multiculturalism along the motto “following the sun 365 days”. The collection is a mixture of India, Asia, the Middle East, Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt and often laced with a touch of the 70’s era. Today you can find the LILY & ROSE brand from selective Mediterranean resorts to the Caribbean and Africa.

Every LILY & ROSE piece is unique with trademark handcrafted embroidery and gold platted accessories. It is also known for superior fabrics, innovative and comfortable cuts.

The beading combined with a rich color palette defines each unique piece which makes the brand both authentic and approachable for all women with different body shapes and sizes. Prior to release of every collection, each product is tested by an outside third-party professional to ensure health safety and quality use.

In 2018 we have tragically lost Liana Hananel. As a founding member; her spirit and energy will remain in every collection. Her vision will live on in Roys Anjel’s creations, who continues to honor her memory to make sure their common creation will remain an inspiration for all who know LILY & ROSE.

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